Do Strategies Exist for Games of Chance?

Do Strategies Exist for Games of Chance?

You’ve seen how gamblers playing table games in movies use their wits to outsmart other gamers on the table. They bluff, limp, defend, or even fold when they are sure or unsure of the outcome.

Gambling is a calculative affair, at least when you’re playing a game of skill. However, the dynamics are somewhat different regarding games of chance.

Some punters believe there isn’t much you can do other than hope that luck is on your side, but is this always true?

Is there a strategic way players can plan their variables to create better outcomes while engaging in games of chance? We discuss this and more below.

Play Low and Medium Variance Slots

Slot machines are probably the easiest games to play since you only have to spin the reels and wait for the outcome. However, you can play reel games with medium variance to increase your chances of winning anything.

Slot machines with low and medium volatility rates are wired in such a way that gives players winnings every so often. The money may not be as much as you want it to be, but it ensures you stay afloat without denting your bankroll until the next time you hit a significant winning streak.

High variance games, however, only cash out winning once in a while. This means you will spend a significant amount of money on the game before you enjoy a victory.

Avoid Single-Roll Bets in Craps

Similar to slots, craps is based on pure chance. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use strategies to increase your odds of winning while playing online craps for real money.

For example, avoiding single roll bets like “Any 7” and “The Field” can influence your profits. The explanation is simple. Single-roll bets have painfully high house edges: 5.56% for field bets and up to 16% for any 7 bets. Instead, you need to play bet types of low house advantages.

Understanding the casino’s edge

The house edge plays a significant role in increasing your winning chance. Therefore, you should reduce this edge to the most diminutive figure possible when choosing between two tables of the same variant. If you are a roulette lover, playing the European table makes more sense than opting for the American one.

The former has the additional zero figure, which significantly reduces the house’s edge. With 37 segments, the odds of winning this game are 35 to 1, which tabulates to 97.3%. On the other hand, American roulette had a casino’s edge of 5.25%, twice as high as European roulette.

Spread your bankroll

Spending all your money on gambling isn’t such a great idea, so to ensure you increase your chances of winning, spread your bankroll. You can effortlessly play more games when you use less cash in each game.

Aside from that, a wide bankroll enables you to experience the game multiple times, allowing you to know what works and what doesn’t when gambling. Depending on what game you enjoy playing, you can split your cash into 10-, 50-, or 100-dollar bills to ensure you get the most out of your money.

Go for the freebies

Casinos are always offering promotions to new and existing bettors. It is a way of attracting and retaining gamblers to a betting site and keeping them spending more.

So, unless a bonus has a stifling wagering requirement, it is advisable to use the rewards to increase your wagering power. Check out the latest gambling goodies offered by your casino and take advantage of them.

and receive tailor-made codes or navigate to the casino’s promotions center to find the site’s latest offer.

Play games with cashback rebates

Some games have cash back bonuses pinned to them. So, if you spend a particular amount of money and do not win, the casino refunds you a small percentage of your expenditure. Most betting sites reimburse cash weekly or monthly once they ascertain you meet their criterion.

Such promos are left out for high-rollers now that they spend thousands of dollars in the casino, so you can skip out on this tip if you have a slim bankroll.

Stay away from progressive jackpot game variations

Jackpot games are known to deplete your finances in an instant. Additionally, the chances of winning a jackpot are slim. Therefore, investing in a progressive jackpot, especially a high-roller one, isn’t a chance you want to take when you do not have the money.

Take chances on the regular jackpot and see how you handle the game before you can hop onto the progressive bandwagon.

Do not wager emotionally

Games of chance require both wit and luck, but sometimes, you may only have one of those variables working in your favor. Making calculative moves is also another determining factor that increases your winning chances. Therefore, take away any emotional attachment to a team or player and wager on them because they can win you money.

Nevertheless, you should consider giving your betting a break if you wager consecutively without winning. It allows you to evaluate your moves and make better choices when you get back to the game.

Counting cards in blackjack

Card counting is an infamous tactic that blackjack players incorporate into their betting strategy to increase their winning chances. It helps you determine whether you or the house has a winning edge. However, this is only possible when the dealer and other gamers on the table have few cards.

Another move that the house usually uses is staying when the deal is 17 or more. This increases your winning chances. You can acquaint yourself with the dealer’s handbook rules to play as the casino does to make your winning chances even bigger.

Bluffing in poker

Bluffing is a simple way of making your opponents fold, revealing what they have on you. When you are unsure if the game will work in your favor, you can call a semi-bluff and rush other players to disclose their cards. Nevertheless, you can never use this move too often since it can quickly lose that initial oomph.

Do your homework when gambling on sports

Sports gambling is one niche that requires in-depth knowledge of a game. Whatever your favorite sport is, researching exceptionally allows you to make the best decisions to increase your cash flow.

Learning about a player or team’s gaming history, how they perform on home ground or away, their health, and the climatic conditions that affect their performance help you have the edge over the bookmakers. You know what betting strategies to select with such information at your fingertips.

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