Do Casino Brands Collaborate with Streamers?

Streamers are becoming more popular in the casino industry. They make videos of themselves playing online casino games. They are not expected to be very popular until 2019.

Casino streamers are gamblers who make live videos of themselves while playing. People watching casino streams do not play the games. They observe the streamer either for entertainment or to learn the gameplay.

Streamers and casino brands collaborate to help the market grow. Streamers help to promote brands and bring more customers to them. The brands sponsor the creator or give some commission to him. Streaming platforms help bring people from different parts of the world into one space.

Twitch is the leading platform for casino streamers with over 100 million visitors and over 1.7 million registered streamer. Twitch allows viewers to interact and exchange ideas and strategies through the chat box provided.

Viewers can donate to their favorite streamers in external services like PayPal or earn bits for free or buy them on Twitch. Patrons are a form of payment where fans pay regular amounts each month and at the end of the month, the creators get rewarded.

The exclusive chat feature on Twitch can only be accessed by viewers who have subscribed. Subscription fees cost $5 monthly.

Streamers make money through Affiliate marketing. They link their bio to some products on online stores. When viewers like these products and access them through their link, they get rewarded by the store. Also, Streamers earn by directing their viewers to various casino brands where they can sign up and earn bonuses.

With sponsorship, the streamer doesn't have to bother about advertising for stores and brands. Casino brands volunteer to sponsor streamers to play games. Viewers get to see the logo of the brand and become curious. They sign up with the site. The streaming creator will get a commission for every player that signs up through their casino streaming site, but it requires a lot of commitment for a creator to get reputable sponsors.

The essential tools to become a casino streamer are: a Twitch account or YouTube live channel, a computer and an internet connection, microphone and webcam.

A Twitch account or YouTube live channel is a good way to reach a wide range of audiences. A webcam helps for better interaction with your audience.

The online casino is gaining popularity by the day. Different brands collaborate with casino streamers to create much-needed awareness for their brand.

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