Crypto Prediction Markets Could Make Gambling More Fun than Ever

Author: Live Casino Direct
Crypto Prediction Markets Could Make Gambling More Fun than Ever

Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger that has the potential to change the world. The gambling industry is an early adopter of this technology. Today, crypto prediction markets are the forerunner in the gambling space made possible only by the blockchain evolution.

A Crypto Prediction Market is a form of gambling platform where users can bet on future outcomes in a decentralized space. The use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies erase geographical restrictions and other barriers to participation.

Web3 is the third and the latest iteration of the internet. It is directly integrated with the blockchain technology. Web3 applications seamlessly connect with blockchain protocols to enable the operation of crypto casinos and other financial platforms that support prediction markets. Crypto prediction market models find extensive application in gambling and DeFi analogues of traditional financial instruments like futures and options. Some industry stalwarts have been vocal about its potential to bring changes to present-day solutions.

Web3’s support of the blockchain is what gives cryptocurrency the ability to change the world of gambling. With no central authority, the practice of banning players for winning too much and too often will come to an end. The use of Web3, VR and AR technologies in crypto prediction markets paves the way for a more immersive and interactive gambling experience. Reality Cards recently finished their Beta phase and are set for token launch. They will use the same mechanism used in Reality cards to host their own launchpad Launch Cards.

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