Craps Horn Bet from A to Z

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Craps Horn Bet from A to Z
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Today we are going to review the Horn bet. It is an enhanced type of bet you can place only if you are certain that this is the right approach for you. The Horn Bet combines a total of four individual bets into one super bet and is available in craps guides.

Horn bet is a single-roll wager. It covers all three craps numbers – 2, 3, and 12. The total number of numbers covered by the bet comes to four. It is usually introduced to the table when players want to bring a certain zest back to a gaming session.

The gaming community considers the Horn bet a risky one. It involves four numbers that can be rolled and if one of them wins, the other three lose. The number 12 pays out 30 to 1, so placing a $20 Horn wager could grant you $150, but you will lose $15 due to the three remaining losing numbers. Some players would refrain from placing the bet despite the bigger payout odds. i.e. they would not consider it a risk. They would consider the risk a small price to pay for the big payout.

The numbers 2 and 12 come with the highest payout odds of 30:1. The numbers 3 and 11 feature a payout of 15:15. House advantage is important, as the numbers two and twelve come in with a house edge of 13.89 percent and 3 & 11 bring a 11.11 percent.

The High Horn is one of the enhanced Horn wagers that could be placed on the craps table. The Whirl bet is a fusion between the Horn bet and the Any Seven bet.