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Online scratch cards - Instant lottery

Scratch Cards are becoming more widely played gambling games online, also known as Scratch-Off or Scratch-and-Win Cards. They are generally small tickets like in an instant lottery game where information is concealed behind a thin layer of latex that can be scratched off with a coin or finger nail.

Scratchers are now popular for play at specific online casinos using Flash or Java to play. When playing online, place a wager on a Scratch Card and click to scratch, in some games, players can even use their mouse to ‘virtually’ scratch off their cards. People enjoy the activity of scratching so this allows the suspense to build as you quickly scratch away for that winning combination. If you’d like to be quick about it, then just click the ‘Show Card’ button

Whatever is your reason for enjoying scratchcards, generally these cards have 6 boxes with a multiplier symbol on each symbol. Scratchcard players win by scratching off 3 of the same symbols on a card. The biggest amount players can win on an online-scratch-card is 50x your bet. Winners immediately win a prize amount of the bet multiplied by the value of the winning symbol.

Scratching to win instant money is the best way to scratch in itch with instant lottery for casino players. The game is tempting and plays fast so scratch that money from your pockets if you want to fill them back up, sometimes the rewards go up into the hundred thousands, but then scratch cards are for smaller more immediate wins.

Play Scratch Cards with all kinds of themes with astrological signs to football or baseball themes, roulette wheels, etc. whatever hits your fancy, just choose a game and set a limit, these little tickets are easy to scratch through in a matter of seconds!

Internet scratchcards are played by clicking on areas designated to reveal information used to determine the card’s prize value.

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