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Live casinos come with live dealers and enable gamblers to interact with games played in a realistic environment of virtual casinos. When players start to play BlackJack, Baccarat, Craps or Roulette they can interact with live dealers at tables. Get the latest updates with Live Casino Direct.
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Why live roulette is so damn popular

Beyond the burgeoning audiences lining up at the virtual tables for the likes of live dealer games like blackjack, scratch cards, baccarat and craps, online roulette remains head-and-shoulders above the others in terms of audience.

So why the overwhelming popularity of live roulette, then? Clearly, the first reason is in the very nature of the game itself. While most Las Vegas games are social in some respect in the bricks-and-mortar casino milieu – as well in the chatrooms of online poker and blackjack, to be sure – none is more social than roulette.

Sure, in games like blackjack and Pai Gow, players will help one another out informally for the betterment of the table, but most tables are limited to six or eight seats and there is a limit to benevolent assistance. Even craps, that game typically sporting the most raucous, partyingest bunch of high-rollers may have internal divisions when the more conservative players refuse to stop backing the dice-holder’s hot hand.

At the roulette table, however, there are no serious clashes. The dealer – “croupier” here, actually – is not even perceived of as the antagonist, as in blackjack. No: In roulette, it’s everyone against fate and every man for himself.

Plus, two nice features within the game of roulette make it quite amenable to online live-dealer play: There is no theoretical limit to the number of players as in any card game, and the timing between spins is uniform, meaning players can jump in and out whenever they so choose and rarely have to rush a decision. Not only does this make it easy for an online player to log in and bet whenever he/she so chooses, it also allows a lot of time for chatter and chat – an aspect of online play that really only the bingo folks have mastered to any satisfaction.

A single roulette “table” at a virtual gameroom therefore can host hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands – the only limit is server capacity, surely – of players, chatting away and having an adrenaline-pumping good time.

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As the popularity of “live dealer” games at internet casinos continues to ascend, it shouldn’t be considered too surprising that Live Roulette, the most popular live game doesn’t technically have a dealer at all.

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