Two land-based casinos will “lead the Playboy brand”

Hugh Hefner, whose Playboy online casino was an unqualified failure by mid-2009, has decided to enter the land-based casino market instead, bringing Playboy-labeled enterprises to Macao and London.
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Hefner: Playboy Casinos coming to Macao and London

Hugh Hefner has made an interesting revelation about his business empire public recently: Namely that, with the serious implosion of the print media industry, his magazine is no longer the Playboy brand’s flagship product – in fact, if Hefner has his way, two brand new casinos might instead be at the forefront of Playboy, Inc.

Hefner stated that “We will be announcing casinos in both Macao and London,” but went on to add the truly important bits like “As far as media goes, I think we’ll be involved in more mainstream ventures” and “we're moving away from the adult programming because it's not the future. I think it gets in the way of who we are, and who we want to be.”

In the online casino world, Playboy is best remembered for its dismal failure after opening in May 2007 to much hype. Playboy Online Casino was marketed primarily for U.K. and Canadian players and … was closed within 24 months; perhaps he’ll give it another go after the land-based casinos open.

(Though there were two playmate-centered fruit machines in the game room, perhaps Hefner should have innovated the live dealer aspect of some games … If he had been 20-30 years younger, this would’ve been a no-brainer.)

The 84-year-old has not run daily operations of the so-called “Playboy Empire” for over 20 years, having ceded control of most financial considerations to daughter Christie in 1988.

Playboy online casino owner has decided to enter the land-based casino market...

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In 2007, some (males) enthused that Playboy Casino was “the greatest ever.” Despite its “Playboy Bunny Slot Machine,” however, the online venture soon went down and within two years was out of business.
Land based casinos to be opened in Macao and London