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Casino gaming on the web delivers a real adrenalin rush – but maximising your fun doesn't mean going crazy with your gambling! Check out our casino guide expert tips for maximising your gaming entertainment. Play slot game titles for fun from your browser!

What's your budget? - The old cliché 'only wager what you can afford to lose' may sound cheesy, but boy it rings true! Base your casino time on fun – and then you'll never be too upset when the online casino's edge seems never ending! In fact, by budgeting correctly and playing with a sensible amount of leisure cash – you'll stay in the game and come back to give them what for! So – set yourself a sensible max weekly and session limit. And practice playing slots for free before you play for real money!

Go interactive - The latest craze in web casino gaming is interactivity – particularly the concept of live multi-gamer slot machine gamescapes. Essentially, you simply enter the contest and turn up to face all the other global gamers who wish to take you on for their share of the guaranteed payouts! Multi-gaming is awesome fun and delivers outstanding value gaming.

Become a hardcore gamer - If genuine online casino success is your aim, then there's only one thing for it – you need to hit the tables and play games such as blackjack and video poker. Take your time to master basic strategic game-play (with strategy cards), and progress your skills until you have the edge. Start out with small stakes and match them to your growing skill level.

Hit the jackpot high - Nothing can match the jackpot power of the famous online progressives, like Major Millions Video Slot and Mega Moolah. The million dollar jackpots are the real thing, and they can now be won via mobile and computer gaming! Just click and spin for a chance to win – and there's zero skill needed!

Ultimate gaming adventures - Video slots are the next generation gaming fun that deliver deep themed slot action, interactive bonus features and some big name franchises – like Tomb Raider and Hit Man. With the power to win huge payouts, get 95% average wins and play the games in live, multi-player slot contests – gamers have never had it so good.

Refined Vegas vibe - Table games are the ultimate real-feel gaming option, with an array of blackjack tables, poker, video poker, roulette and special games like Red Dog. If you want to bring a Vegas fantasy to life, with dreams of stacks of chips and stunning women – it's the next best thing to jetting out to Vegas! So pour a cool drink and hit the action like a pro.

Strategic rewards - Give your gaming a touch of 'pro', by playing online casino games strategically. The best place to start has to be with even money wagers, because they can be attacked with instant-play systems, such as the Vegas Martingale:

> Bet 1 unit on even money (for example, £1 Odds in roulette)
> If you lose, increase the betting level to 2 credits and re-bet
> Keep repeating this process until you win, then re-start the chain

Even money progressive gambling systems are hot on the web, and proven to work within 6 bets – a high percentage of the time. However, quit the chains after 6 bets to protect yourself from big losses – and start the system again with 1 credit. Over time, the systems are fun and potentially profitable, if you're disciplined!

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Tomb Raider by Microgaming is still loved by online slots players. Free casino games just for fun with sign up bonus promotions and an online slot game archive - freeplay fruit machines. We offer not only the best casino bonus but list online free slots in flash, no download format. Australian players please visit our pokie pages dedicated to Aussie players!
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