Cheap And Easy Casino Games For Beginners

Cheap And Easy Casino Games For Beginners

UNITED STATES—Beginners dipping their toes in the casino waters may not want to dive in head-first. This means being more conservative with their bets and choosing easy and cheap games to start. Casino games are divided into multiple tiers. 

Some games are more suitable for newbies and others give experienced players the adrenaline rush they crave. Are you looking to venture into online or in-person casinos for the first time? If so, stick to these games below.

Gambling in Sweden

Sweden is one of the luckier countries in which the legal gambling age is 18 for online casinos and 20 for land-based institutions. It can be difficult to find reputable online casinos if you don’t know what factors to look for, but one great platform for beginners is bästa casino bonus. The online casino offers plenty of games for beginners and veterans to have great fun in a casino.

Best Casino Games for Beginners

Slot Machines

First and foremost, we have the slot machines. Slot machines are incredibly straightforward and they offer some of the biggest wins in any type of casino. We’re talking about huge jackpots that don’t require much skill to win.

Not all slot machines are created the same as developers try to break the mold with different themes, graphics and mechanics to keep things fresh. While the bonus features will vary from one slot to the next, your slot machine will operate in the same way. You either click a button or pull the lever.

What’s more, slot machines have a very wide betting range, making them excellent for beginners who are more risk-aversive but also suitable for experienced players that want to leverage more. 


Blackjack is another game based mostly on luck rather than skill. All one needs to know is how much the cards are worth and basic addition up to 21. It’s a very simple game that gives its players heart-pounding excitement as they wonder what the next card in the deck may be.

While Blackjack hinges largely on luck, it does take some probability and good judgment on your part. Rest assured that the more you play, the better the grasp you will have on the game. 


Another very easy and cheap game for beginners is roulette. Roulette allows for many bets, but how difficult the game is will depend on you. You can keep it simple with 50/50 bets, which won’t take much brainpower.

The roulette wheel is made up of red and black slots, with an equal number of both. All you need to do is place your bet on either a red or black square and wait for the results. Since there is an equal number of both colors, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Just pray the ball doesn’t land on the green, in which case everyone ends up losing.

You can make roulette more interesting by choosing odds or evens and also go all-in on one number, which can possibly give you a 35x return. 


Poker is a fun game that can cost you a lot or very little. You have the choice to pull out at any time you feel you have a losing hand. In-person poker at a land-based casino can get hectic, and it also requires the skill to read people correctly and figure out their tells. 

However, online casino poker games are a bit more low-key and less intense. You won’t be subjected to people’s bluffing and decision-making under pressure. For beginners, we suggest going for games with low buy-ins. 


Baccarat may take some time to learn and understand, but don’t worry, you will get it in due time. When you do understand it, the game is very easy to play which is why we recommend it to beginners. 

Place your bets on three tiles and watch the dealer do the rest. Just because the dealer will do all the calculating and dealing, you should still understand how the cards are counted in order to understand the results. 

What Games to Avoid for Beginners

According to our casino expert Amy Martinsson there are certain games beginners should avoid. You can read more about Amy’s expertise here. Games that are not good for beginners include craps, more elaborate poker such as Pai Gow, and sports betting because they are highly volatile and difficult to play and understand. 


Beginners to the casino scene should start slow. Try your hand at any of the above games, but be sure to avoid the complicated and unpredictable ones. 

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