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Due to current national regulations, some online casinos may be off-limits to Canadian and/or U.S. players; be sure to check the Live Casino Direct entry for more information. All websites listed should be approved for most UK- and EU-based players.
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Our online casino partners are among the most reputable casinos online

Welcome to Live Casino Direct’s online casino reviews section. The following list represents all outlets currently partnered with our website and, as such, have been tested in terms of security, customer service and player promotions. Please enjoy gaming at any of the following casinos, with our compliments.

Casino Reviews

Finding the right casino is a personal choice and one that should be taken seriously. We at Live Casino Direct will provide our players with up to date reviews providing not just only facts, but our professional opinion on each casino.

Unfortunately the gambling laws of countries vary as to what is available to play in each region. We will provide you with information particular to your country as to what is available and the best way to access each casino. While many times its obvious with a blocked website although this can sometimes become somewhat tedious and frustrating. The security of our players is most important to us as there are many opportunities for scams and theft. Live Casino Direct offers only proven safe, secure and reputable websites to its players, while staying current on new available opportunities.

Information is king and our company strives to provide each gamer with all the facts and figures concerning each game, software company and websites. As each casino provides different services, bonuses and features we constantly monitor the existing sites and newly formed casinos.

Payment Options

Although buying something online is as common as going to the store and paying in cash, many people are rightfully concerned that the financial information they are providing is secure. More regulated than it was 15 years ago, we still review our payment methods for their security and privacy. Our payment options are based upon scrupulous review and have only the most reputable companies involved in the transactions.

Every financial provider will be familiar to even the most novice of players and each provider will have years of experience and integrity. This is a list of just some of our payment partners, American Express, EcoCard, PayPal as well as Neteller and Moneybookers. If a payment method is not available than most likely we have deemed it unsecure or is not up to the standards that we demand.

Flash vs. Download Casino

Not as simple as Vanilla vs. Chocolate, the debate over flash casinos versus download casinos will continue for as long as there is online gambling. In online gambling we tend to drift to the games, sites and casinos that we feel most comfortable. As with flash and download casinos, we drift towards the one that satisfies out needs at that particular time and usually search for those particular type of games.

Download casino games have an advantage in that they offer better graphics and there are a larger selection of games. Many gambling “experts” prefer the downloaded games to the flash games because of their highly detailed graphics and visuals. The only problem is that downloading one of these games is going to take up space and time on your hard drive which only has a finite amount of space.

The flash casinos do not have the selection as downloaded games but provide a quick and pain free way of playing. Not as graphically enhanced as downloaded games, flash games still provide an excellent gaming experience without the time consuming download process.

As I said before, it is all a matter of preference and whatever version you are most comfortable with while spending your hard-earned money.

Casino Software

Online casinos are useless without the 21st century and beyond software from the gaming companies. Companies such as Microgaming, BetSoft and IGT are just a few of the companies that provide the online gambling experience.

Each day, these software companies are creating newer versions of the original casino games (slots, blackjack, and roulette) to make the gamers experience more enjoyable. The competition is tremendous as every week there is something new on the market as the developers vie for your business via the online casinos. It’s not unusual for a player to become content with a brand of software and play just those games. This is why at Live Casino Direct we use all gaming software providers that are reputable and meet our requirements. Unfortunately because of varying rules and regulations some countries such as the U.S. do not make available certain games because of their software.

U.S. Facing Casinos

As discussed above, each country and in many circumstances each state/region has their own gambling rules and regulations. In its simplest form there are some games you are able to play and some games you are not.

The United States and its laws make the gambling industry very archaic and overly complicated. With this in mind, Live Casino Direct has its own resources for connecting players to the games which they are allowed to play and those they cannot. This provides players with accessibility to only those games which are playable and helps them not to waste time with unplayable games. There is no point in trying to figure out the laws or reason as you will lose your mind. Short of moving to Europe or a region which you can play all the games, for the time being players in the U.S. will have to deal these laws and manage the best they can.


It sometimes feels that the bonuses are never ending when gambling online. While many various games provide special bonuses and features, the casinos themselves offer new and lucrative features just to induce players to sign up. Whether its free games, casino credit, discounts to join or even matching your payments, the competition is fierce and these casinos want your business.

Instead of visiting each casino and going through the advantages and disadvantages to playing on each site, we will provide you with a simple breakdown of what’s available for these casinos. Just as in the land based casinos which comp players with rooms and free meals, online casinos have the same such comps but which are geared to online players. The gambler is the one in the driver’s seat, so take advantage of these offers and be vigilant as to what works best for your budget and experience.

Land based Casinos

Before the advent of online casinos, people would actually leave their homes and spend a few days to a few weeks staying at casinos to gamble and to enjoy the resort like experience. Thankfully these destinations are still available and are thriving while trying to outdo one another, which are of course to the benefit of gamblers. Throughout the world these casinos are proliferating in various countries as they realize the benefit of bringing people to their country.

As Las Vegas is no longer the only game in town (U.S.A.), the choice has grown to Atlantic City, American-Indian owned casinos and the Southern U.S., just to name a few. Not limited to just the U.S., many other global destinations such as Macau have become not just another land based casino, but a destination point.

While Live Casino Direct is not a land based casino, we will provide you with a list of those casino destination points and a link to those sites. If you’ve never been to a real land based casino, than I would highly recommend the experience as its energy is something unmatched in the world of gambling.

Welcome to the most extensive Online Casino Directory on the Internet. LiveCasinoDirect provides a complete list of internet casinos and online gambling features for both us and international players. Live Casino Direct reminds its readers to please read carefully any terms and conditions on those attractive-sounding match bonus offers. While all outlets in our online casino directory have been inspected and tested, it is the player’s responsibility to understand the limits and benefits of any privately-undertaken transactions with internet casinos. We list safe and trusted online gambling sites only.
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