Casinos are revolutionizing the online giveaway

Casinos are revolutionizing the online giveaway

As a retailer, a core part of your business model is likely to consist of giveaways, discounts, sales, and membership perks. Many retailers switched to e-commerce or operate a dual digital/in-store presence. The primary motivator of retail giveaways in the past has been to encourage footfall. Online giveaways should be similar to in-stores giveaways. Casinos are revolutionizing the online giveaway.

The best way to get maximum impact from online promotion is to put it front and centre. Paddy Power offers 50 free spins on real-money slot games for new users. This simple tactic could be deployed with great effect at your e-commerce store during your next sale.

The top casinos offer recurring weekly or monthly freebies to keep people coming back. This is a highly effective way to turn onetime site visitors into loyal customers.

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Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games in the world. Just as it is popular in brick and mortar casinos, roulette is a staple for #iGaming. Read the article below to learn more about online roulette software and about our roulette solution.

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The majority of internet traffic now stems from mobile devices. As such it is crucial for #iGaming operators to have a platform and product offering that is designed for mobile users. Read to learn more about the importance of mobile-first in iGaming

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To operate, online gambling companies require digital payments and third-party service providers as gateways for payments. READ MORE HERE: