UKash casino - Payment processing at UK facing casinos

Not only does UKash keep your money safe and secure for internet transactions, UKash knows the value of its customers vis-à-vis the online casinos and poker rooms, often offering special deals though close relationships with sites.
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UKash casino deposit and payment processing system


Ukash is an e-commerce and electronic cash based UK provider for people wanting to spend money online for purchases.  In exchange for cash, users are then given a code which they can use for making payments online as well as to make cash transfers.  This method is preferable for many people without credit cards and who are not willing to provide personal information to companies.  This payment method is accepted on thousands of online stores and provides updates and newsletters as well as pages on all the social media sites.

As with any industry, especially where there is quick cash to be made, there is the chance of fraud and scams specific to certain payment options.  Ukash has been on the receiving end of a few such as black market use and websites to purchase items on non-existing sites.  Certainly not unique to Ukash, but always be aware of this and try to take the proper precautions.  In 2012 the company issued some advice to its users with regards to frauds and scams.  The basic premise of warning was to guard your 19-digit pin number like you would guard your cash.

Do your homework and find as much information as you can about each payment provider.  The internet provides the best resource as does the company’s website, although their website is of course bias and will not point out its issues.

To get started with the UKash voucher system is pretty easy: Just head on over to and place your first deposit, which must be a minimum £10. You’ll receive a PIN code and email confirmation near-instantly. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s accepted at most online casinos.
UKash casinos: the best choice for Australian and UK players at online casinos!