eChecks slowly returning to online casinos as viable payment method

An eCheck is a payment made directly from a personal bank account and, as with regular checks, some three to five business days are required for clearing. eChecks may be "written" at financial institutions or through some electronic payment solutions such as PayPal.
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eCheck online payment method – For deposit at some online casino outlets


eCheck is a very simple method of payment and one that was very popular before other methods of online payment became available.  The eCheck is an electronic check which is used as payment for online services or products.  When using this method, the buyer will input all the necessary information that a paper check would contain such as amount, date, bank account number, routing number etc.  The merchant would than process the check just as when receiving a paper check and the process would take between 3-4 business days.

The benefits of the eCheck are that, no time is wasted with mail delivery, your money comes directly from your checking account, no credit card or debit card is used and the method makes it easy to keep a simple record of the transaction.  For many people who are still a bit leery of other “complicated” internet payment methods, the eCheck is a bit more familiar and more associated to the days of snail mail and writing out checks.  Remember, there are no passwords, no complicated forms and no credit card numbers for people to steal.  But just remember that as with a paper check, the eCheck will still need the allotted time to clear.

As most online casinos will accept eChecks, you must still be mindful of to whom and where you are sending this information.  Unlike credit cards, you are sometimes not notified of a questionable purchase/payment.  Credit card companies sometimes automatically freeze your card if there is questionable transaction.  Also, you could have your checking account cleaned out in one fell swoop, which goes to the advice of keeping minimal amount of money in that account.  Although credit cards along with your identity can be stolen, there are many procedures and security methods you can use to prevent this from occurring.

The one advantage credit cards have over eChecks is the amount available.  Credit cards give you a much larger available sum to make purchases with as a checking account is limited to what you have deposited.  Not necessarily a good thing, credit cards give you the spending range which could be many times the money in your account.  Online gambling and the use of credit cards can lead to a slippery slope in getting into debt.  Whatever your source for gambling money, only gamble what you can afford to lose.

The changes in the gambling laws in the United States have also affected payment by eCheck.  Just as with the credit cards and other payment options, your selection of casinos are considerably limited.  Many people have different experiences with payment options in the U.S., so the only advice I can give is to give it a try and see if it works.  As for the Europeans and other eCheck gamblers, the options are endless and most casinos, especially the most reputable, will accept those eChecks.


With a little more openness about poker as a skill game combined with British Columbia attempting operation of its own online casino site for B.C. citizens to play legally, voila! The opportunity for Canadians to use eChecks at many online casinos has been reintroduced – and the gaming outlets are responding, with more sites accepting deposits via eCheck constantly.
Paying by eCheck is simple, direct and quick…