American Express casinos accepting Amex Card players.

The following online casinos accept American express cards as payment from all casino players. Amex as its also referred to has a great reputation with fast deposits and even faster payouts. Please feel free to use your American express card at any of the following Live Casino Direct approved online casinos.
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Online Casinos Accepting American Express - Amex Casinos

Casinos accepting American Express

If you’re not familiar with American Express (AMEX) than you might as well go home.   Founded in 1850, and since providing the ubiquitous American Express Travelers Check and all important Green card (as well as Gold, Platinum and Centurion), some would say that AMEX is a charge card and not a true credit card.  I will not get into that argument at the moment, but I do charge things with my AMEX and do sometimes pay them over time.  American Express is most criticized for its high “merchant” fees which have come down a bit from its 4% of many years ago.

While known the world over, AMEX has suffered the same fate as other payment companies via the laws in the United States.  Unlike Visa and MasterCard, the AMEX card is not used by as many non-U.S. residents therefore it is not used by as many casinos as the other major credit cards.  Another negative to the card is it’s higher than average “merchant” fees.  Over time a few percentage points can add up and in time, take away from the bottom line in this competitive market.   Although they have come down in recent years, the card is still not as widely-used as Visa and MasterCard in the online casino world.  What it does offer are many great benefits to using the card which is why there are still some casinos that accept the card.

Online casinos are in the business to make money, period.  With its high merchant fees, AMEX tests the ability of casinos to balance the demands of its players with the more costly transaction.  Although with the gambling laws in the U.S. and most AMEX card holders being from the U.S., the decision has almost been made for them as the majority of AMEX card holders cannot use any of their cards as the laws forbid this.  Until the laws in the U.S. change and the high merchant fees become a bit more competitive, American Express will not be the card for online casinos and will play a backseat to the other forms of payment and credit.

Here is a list of the casinos that accept American Express as a payment method:

Not all online casinos accept amex; LiveCasinoDirect is here to help. See above for casinos that accept American Express while meeting LiveCasinoDirects standards and payout terms. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with using your American Express or Credit Card at any of these casinos that we have listed above.
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