Casino Guru Introduces User Review Functionality

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Casino Guru Introduces User Review Functionality
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Casino Guru prides itself on being one of the biggest sources of information about online casinos for quite some time now, with their broad database of gambling sites and objective, data-focused expert reviews. However, with the recent addition of user reviews, they will be able to bring even more value to their visitors.

Casino Guru intruded new functionality, which allows visitors to review and rate any online casino. Users can share their experience, whether good or bad, with other members of the community, who can, in turn, use this information to make the right choice when selecting a site to play at.

Matej Novota, Casino Guru’s Data & Complaints Department Lead, considers user reviews a great addition to the site’s features: “My team and I collect as much relevant information as possible about each online casino we review, such as their complaints, revenues, features, customer support quality, etc. This helps us give casinos a fair rating and recommend the most suitable ones to players. Letting our visitors share their experience adds another layer of information that will be helpful for anyone trying to select a casino to play at.”

User reviews combine two of the main pillars of the Casino Guru website – casino reviews and community. Community is the fastest growing part of the website, with Casino Guru having reported over 34,000 registered users within the first year of the existence of their multilingual forum.

Matej adds that experience of actual users is hard to emulate in a traditional review process: “We do our best to find out everything players should know about a casino, but there are thousands of casinos on the internet, and we simply cannot test each of them in a way that would emulate the experience of a diverse group of players. That’s why I think that user reviews will be beneficial not only to our visitors, but to our team as well.”

Users can give a casino a rating from zero to five stars, which contributes to its overall user rating. If they want, they can also add a written review and describe the casino’s positive and negative qualities. If a user adds a written review, it is first reviewed by the Casino Guru team to make sure it meets the site’s community guidelines, and only then made public. Ratings without a written review are published immediately.

To the team’s surprise, most users add a written review to their ratings, as Matej describes: “The number of new daily reviews is quite low, as it’s a new functionality and our visitors are not familiar with it yet. However, what surprised is that . We expected most users to skip this option, as it’s far easier to just choose the number of stars and submit a rating. Perhaps users who leave ratings really want to share their experience in detail.”

In line with Casino Guru’s forum and other multilingual features, users can write their reviews in any language, and the site’s automatic translation functionality will localize it for other visitors according to their language preferences.

User reviews are yet another addition in Casino Guru’s quest to provide as much value to visitors as possible and make online gambling better. Their other recent endeavors include Global Self-Exclusion Initiative and Casino Guru Academy, which are aimed at improving the online gambling ecosystem and reducing gambling-related harm. On top of this, the company continues working on other improvements and getting closer to being the best website about online casinos.