Video poker bonuses available at some online casinos

Video poker players tend to get a bit of a short shrift in terms of online casino bonuses for their game, but some bonus offers designed especially for the video poker devotee may be found in the online casino world. Check out this page of LiveCasinoDirect for such bonuses.
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Video poker bonus

While technically, any offer put forth at the online casino as a “slots bonus” may also be used for video poker, the truth is that the same benefits extended to slots players are not extended to video poker devotees. It must be something about the higher level of skill required (i.e. some, as opposed to the none required to spin slot reels) that causes this disparity, despite the fact that both are known as “pokies” in the great gaming culture of Australia and the tendency for the games to be enjoyed interchangeably by many players.

No matter: A few online casinos happily still make a welcome distinction between the two popular games and therefore offer special video poker bonuses for those dedicated to the five-card game. LiveCasinoDirect has compiled a list of these outlets and the bonuses they tout for video poker fans everywhere – if you’ve not heard of a name enumerated below, you may have a new favorite outlet for your fandom.

Those in-the-know about video poker realize that a bonus specially designed for them at the online casino is hard to come by … but LiveCasinoDirect can help with our list of video poker bonuses.
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