Reclaim your online casino losses with reload bonuses

Can win for losing? Many online casinos have an answer for a losing streak: The reload bonus. Cash back in for a percentage of your losses with the reload bonus offers listed below. And start earning comp points in a loyalty program for increased reload bonus benefits at the online casino.
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Reload bonus offers

A bad run can happen to any player on any casino game as the numbers or cards infuriatingly just don’t fall the way you’d planned … repeatedly. There is at least a partial solution to this tyranny of Lady Luck, however: namely, the reload bonus.

Reload bonuses (or, alternatively, “cashback bonuses”) are rewards given to online players based on the amount lost, typically in a given month. In the majority of cases, internet casinos offer reload bonuses to members of said outlet, though usually membership consists solely of registering with the casino. If the given casino has any sort of VIP rewards or loyalty program, the size of its reload bonuses tends to increase through time as well.

A standard reload bonus is usually in the 10% to 25% range, though awards as high as 40% or more are not unheard of. The reload is more often than not awarded at the end of the calendar month, although again exceptions exist and weekly reload bonuses are also extant in the online casino world.

When taking advantage of a reload bonus, be sure to note the process for claiming. While some online casinos apply reload bonuses automatically, a few require that you formally request this return.

Reload your bankroll with cashback bonuses (okay, so we know this page is headlined with “reload bonuses,” but redundancy should be avoided), available for your perusal on this page of LiveCasinoDirect.
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