Turning playing money into real money with online casino bonuses

Though the cards are stacked against the player (so to speak) who seeks to make money with online casino bonuses, there are methods that can be employed to turn that playing cash into real cash. Pay a modicum of attention and think about how to use playthrough requirements to your advantage.
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Making money with bonuses

While it’s true that online casinos are self-regulating enough not to pull any funny stuff in rewarding bonuses to players, it’s just as evident that they must make these offers as profitable as possible for the house as well. Nevertheless, it is possible to make money with bonuses provided by online casinos if the player applies a little conservative thinking and pays attention.

When looking to cash in on a casino bonus, be sure to check out the terms and conditions that go along with it. In “the interest of fair play,” every online casino posts playthrough requirements for any bonus. This indicates the amount the player must wager before the bonus money can be claimed as real cash to be credited to your account or withdrawn. Sometimes the playthrough requirement can be as high as 30 times the amount of deposit plus bonus; a rate of 15 times deposit plus bonus may be considered reasonable. If you see any deal offering 10 times deposit plus bonus or less, grab it instantly.

After deciding on a bonus and coming to grips with the terms and conditions, you’ll need to adjust your playing style accordingly. The best tips for getting the most out of a bonus are to play through the bonus money conservatively and unwaveringly. In other words, don’t send good money after bad when on a losing streak. If you use up the entire bonus award, heck, you can play your own money any way you’d like.

There’s a bit of a catch-22 with regard to which games to play to fully exploit the bonus’ potential: While games of skill will probably net you more in the long run, games like blackjack, baccarat and even video poker carry higher playthrough requirements. While making money with bonuses takes longer on these games than on slots games, the odds of success are also much higher – if played correctly.

And of course, a little luck helps, too.

With a little forethought and willpower, those tempting-looking online casino bonuses can become real cash to the smart player. See above for a few general tips and you might cash in, too.
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