Free play bonus: The very best deal at the online casinos

Time is money, they say, and this principle has never been more fun in action that at an online casino offering a free play bonus with first deposit. Refer to the list of top free play bonuses compiled here at LiveCasinoDirect for some free action on online slots and more.
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Freeplay bonus

One of the nicer “welcome” perks out there at the online casino is that of the free play bonus. Typically (but not exclusively) offered by Microgaming-powered internet casinos, the free play bonus provides the new player with either a certain number of free spins or a given amount of time (usually 60 minutes) to play the games to his/her heart’s content. Often, the amount won in expending this offer will be used as a signup bonus.

In Microgaming casinos, each casino will have one game specifically devoted to a free play bonus, although Tomb Raider is a popular choice at these outlets for free spins offers. Many software providers will encourage a free play bonus when a big franchise title is installed, as was the case with the first “Lord of the Rings” slot game at many online casinos.

As always, please take care to understand the bonus offer you’re playing for; read those terms and conditions on any free play bonus you may be interested in accepting.

To get free spins on online slots games, the casino player need not be lucky, just diligent. Visit LiveCasinoDirect to get news on free play bonuses, a great way to start your online casino experience.
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