Casino whoring practices online can be profitable and fun

“Casino whoring” is the secret that online casino operators don’t want you to know about. Yes, there is a way to make the most of a bonus that may carry high playthrough requirements: Play conservatively on that bonus money and forget any notions of customer loyalty...
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Casino whoring

Despite the derogatory name (most likely coined by internet casino managers/owners), “casino whoring” is a legitimate way for players to enjoy their favorite games – especially online slots – to the maximum potential.

“Casino whoring” basically refers to the process of first hunting down a first-deposit bonus offer at an online casino and then accepting it. After either simply running through the bonus “thanks” to a fruitless cold streak or by carefully meeting the playthrough requirements following a good-sized win/wins, the player simply cashes out at the hosting casino and seeks another generous welcome bonus elsewhere.

The system works particularly well for blackjack, a game in which the skill factor is highest, thus allowing the careful player to stay ahead long enough to cash out with a profit. For players of all games, the best strategy is to keep the wagers unvarying and as low as possible when playing on bonus money.

One can see why online casino operators would look down upon the practice of casino whoring, though in reality the player owes no more loyalty to a given casino, which receives its games from a third-party software producer and oftentimes its bonus offers from a mother company, than he/she does to a multiplex cinema showing films only from Paramount Pictures. Why shouldn’t the player seek out the most advantageous promotion for him-/herself?

So don’t worry about what the bosses think of you. After partaking of a little profitable casino whoring, you’ll surely still respect yourself in the morning.

Surely the practice of “casino whoring” has occurred to nearly every online casino player after a while, even if he/she is unaware of the highly colored term. What some people call “whoring,” others more rightly call “searching for the best deal on games meant for players to lose in the long run.”
Online casino operators worried about casino whoring – players may profit