On the seven types of online casino bonuses for players

Though actual bonus offers are myriad in the online casino world, every bonus can really be described as one of seven types: welcome/signup, no-deposit, free play, deposit, high-roller, referral or special bonuses. For a bit more information, see below.
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Bonus types

Every online casino has its own methods and frequency of bonus offers, but most every offer out there can be described as one of a seven types. The categories, as LiveCasinoDirect sees it, are as follows.

Welcome/signup bonuses – The most effective selling point for any online casino is quite simply the bonus offered on a new player’s first deposit. The more generous the bonus, the more likely a player is to stay a while at the given site. At this point, approximately 99.99% of all online casinos offer a welcome bonus and these are usually worth a 100% supplement to at least a fraction of the deposit.

Free play bonuses – Another perk sometimes offered to the first-time player at an online casino is the free play bonus. Casinos offering this bonus usually throw in a number of free spins on a specific game or even a set limit of time during which one may play any of the games in the casino for free. When the allotted time runs out, a deposit bonus is awarded based on the amount of money won in free play.

No-deposit bonuses – An ever-increasingly rare offer, the no-deposit bonus is typically worth around $7 to $20 to play an online casino’s games absolutely free. No one will ever get rich on collecting no-deposit bonuses, but there simply is no better (or cheaper) way to try out unfamiliar games or test the capacities of a new casino.

Deposit bonuses – This term applies to most common online casino bonuses other than the welcome bonus and, though usually a bit less generous and expansive, than the first bonus, good 100% match bonuses can be readily found at reputable sites.

High-roller bonuses – Right from the go at many online casinos, the bigger-budgeted of players may get higher-percentage or straight up larger match bonuses. Though high-roller bonuses usually work similarly to standard deposit bonuses, the limits are higher for these players.

Reload / cashback bonuses – For regular players, some online casinos offer a month-end or week-end reload bonus. This bonus represents a certain fraction of the player’s losses over the given time period and is deposited straight into the player account.

Referral / refer-a-friend bonuses – Naturally, online casinos appreciate your word-of-mouth advertising; thus if you get another player to sign up and deposit with such a casino, your account will be credited, typically with $20 to $100.

Special bonuses – Everything else not covered above, special bonuses are those which are offered seasonally or once a year. An online casino with special bonuses is a good one to find, as this is often indicative of an outlet with good customer support.

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