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You’ve found a decent-looking bonus offer at the online casino. Now how to get the most out of that free playing money? Check out LiveCasinoDirect’s brief tips on how to strategize once your player account has been beefed up a bit.
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Bonus strategies

Even though the great majority of bonuses offered by online casinos are geared toward enticing players of low-skill or no-skill games such as slots and keno, even those leaving their fortunes to the fickle whims of Lady Luck can still apply some strategy to their play in hopes of making it more profitable.

One good strategy to employ – especially if you’re not into the whole customer loyalty thing – is the practice of “casino whoring.” This allows the player to make the most of a welcome bonus, which is typically the best offer at a given online casino, and thus potentially turn a profit on a sometimes otherwise hard-to-collect slots bonus.

Another crucial strategy is the application of a little common sense; recall the old saw, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Some online casinos offer mind-boggling bonuses in the thousands of dollars/euros/pounds. While it is indeed possible to gain these amounts, these big bonus offers usually are spread out over several deposits and may require substantial cash outlay. Unless you’re a high-roller or frequent player, such massive bonuses are probably not for you.

In general, one wants to stay conservative when playing with bonus money. Due to the playthrough requirements demanded at most online casinos to turn that bonus into real cash, you’ll have to find a way to stretch those winnings out as far as possible if you have any hope of turning a profit on a bonus.

Finally, one more time: LiveCasinoDirect highly encourages reading through the terms and conditions going along with any bonus offer. Know what you’re buying and good luck!

Does that online casino bonus offer sound too good to be true? Perhaps it is, perhaps not. Find out how to fully exploit the opportunities provided to players at internet casinos right here at LiveCasinoDirect.
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