Blackjack players can get online casino bonuses, too

Blackjack bonuses at the online casino may be rare, but they’re hardly non-existent. A few outlets are clever enough to offer players of the world’s most popular casino table game special deals. Before you sit down to play some internet 21, peruse LiveCasinoDirect’s list of blackjack bonuses.
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Online blackjack bonus

Why should an online casino player be penalized if he/she prefers a game of skill, namely blackjack, to the more popular slots games? The truth is that, while technically most bonus offers extend to every game in the virtual house, the playthrough requirements in order to collect said bonus are much higher for blackjack than on the games of chance – and thus the lover of 21 is at a distinct disadvantage vis-à-vis the great majority of casino bonus offers.

Luckily, at least a few online casinos are sympathetic to the plight of the card shark, offering special blackjack bonuses to provide free playing money and other perks to online players. While only the highest-rolling of high-rollers will ever receive as fat a bonus for blackjack as for slots, the bonuses listed below should help beef up the blackjack player’s bankroll enough for him/her to enjoy the most popular casino table game for that much longer.

Faster than a grease-palmed Vegas dealer! More powerful than a traditional welcome bonus! Able to pump up bankrolls in a single click! It’s a perk! It’s a way! It’s a blackjack bonus at the online casino!
Blackjack bonuses – no busting here!