Slots bonuses in free spins, progressive jackpots, video bonus rounds

Certainly appealing to the online slots player and perhaps superior to all other concerns is the possibility of big wins on single spins. Slots bonuses make those “life-changing win” stories you hear about happen. Below, a few words on the different types of bonus slots and wishes of best of luck to our slot players!
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One of the very first things any player worth his or her salt does when sitting down to a new slot machine game is consider the slot’s bonus payouts. After all, a single big win can make up for a lot of little losses – and nothing beats the feeling of accumulating thousands of coins in a single turn.

Essentially, the types of bonuses can be categorized in one of the four following ways.

Progressive slots  – The most famous type of slots bonus, the progressive jackpot is typically responsible for the $1 million (or more) win. A certain combination of symbols will release a huge jackpot accumulated from the play of perhaps millions at a chain of online casinos hosting the game.

Video bonus – Many games these days (and every big-budget, franchise-name slot) includes a slots bonus in the form of a video round. Typically, though containing much animation and sound effects, this game-within-a-game is merely a “pick ‘em” game, i.e. the player is asked to click on a certain number of objects on the bonus screen and each reveals a cash prize for the win.

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Sometimes, this slots bonus round is a full-on skill game requiring the player to perform some task with a modicum of hand-eye coordination in the mold of old-fashioned video arcade games; happily for those non-video players, a substitute low-skill round is typically available as an option. Pick ‘em round – A “pick ‘em round” sometimes stands alone as a slots bonus round, though very frequently, the pick ‘em segment is merely an introduction to free spins in which bonus multiplier and the spins themselves are determined. Free spins round – The most common slots bonus, this one’s exactly what it says. Usually, the player has to land three or more scatter symbols and is rewarded with a number of free spins together with bonus multiplier. It’s all the excitement of playing but none of the expenditure: Just pure winnings as the reels spin on and on… For all the best information and news on slots bonuses, please browse the pages of LiveCasinoDirect and try our games section.
Bonus slots - even if you’re not playing for a multi-million win on an online progressive slot, you’ve gotta be interested in the possibilities of a huge payout provided to lucky players in slots bonus rounds. Check out the options here at
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