Best Cybersecurity Tips for Playing Games Online

Best Cybersecurity Tips for Playing Games Online

Since the birth of gaming in the 1950s, the landscape has dramatically changed. Arcades and simple consoles were the first gaming experiences. Gaming online emerged in the nineties during the golden age of gaming.

The internet played a significant role in gaming culture throughout the 2000s, following the introduction of the sixth generation of consoles. Globally, the online gaming industry is valued at more than $30 billion, and the market appears to be increasing year after year. But online gaming isn’t all, well, fun and games. It also carries certain risks. It is becoming more and more common to hear about security breaches, especially as more and more people play games online. There have even been reports of 80 million Fortnite accounts being vulnerable

Cybersecurity risks that players may encounter include the following.

  • Gaming Cybersecurity: Cybercriminals can sell you gaming account if it has been hacked and taken over by hackers. You may have to pay a price ranging from $5 to $15,000 depending on your account.
  • The price of resources can be manipulated in games using bots. By doing so, players unknowingly make money by selling resources to other players.
  • When a console is hacked, players’ personal information is exposed. Criminals have used this method to obtain credit card information, account login information, and other sensitive information which can be used for selling or carrying out more illegal activities.
  • DDoS attacks allow hackers to disrupt players’ IP addresses by blocking them from accessing the internet. Servers or gaming platforms can also be held to ransom through these attacks.

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How can you protect yourself while playing online? What should you do if you are too concerned about your safety? What if you decide to cancel your order of that custom gaming rig? Even if you enjoy online gaming, you do not have to take such drastic measures. Follow these cyber security tips instead:

Ensure your identity is protected: Cybercriminals are generally interested in targeting personal data they can use for more nefarious activities. If you’re playing online games, protect your identity by taking all necessary measures. Using an avatar instead of a real photo can be a simple way to represent yourself on the web.

Increasingly powerful facial recognition software gives criminals easy access to your social media accounts, where you live, as well as other personal data. You should never share any sensitive information, such as your birthday and credit card number, with anyone, at all costs.

It is always best to keep personal information private, even when you believe you know the one asking.

Keep Your System Secure :Keep your operating system and software up to date to ensure your safety while playing online games. Using firewall and antivirus software should be part of your PC gaming system installation. A huge list of cybersecurity courses can be found at, which caters to those in the process of becoming cyber security professionals. The need for cyber security isn’t going away, and it’s an excellent area for someone with an IT background to go into. If you’d like to maintain your online safety while playing, don’t disable the security software before you play.

Make use of a VPN: Virtual private networks, according to an IT firm that specializes in VMware, are a means of encrypting your network data. Your real IP address remains secure and unhacked by switching IP addresses.

VPNs provide an additional layer of protection for your personal information. They enable you to browse the web anonymously and play games online anonymously. Your data will be harder to harvest by people with malicious intent.

 Avoid Phishing :Phishing may be one of the most misused methods cybercriminals use to exploit online players for their data. In addition to emails or social media promotions regarding games, you will probably receive a lot of them because of your online activities.

Attachments in these messages should not be opened. Ensure that all links, pop-ups, and downloads are coming from official websites before clicking on them.t is recommended that you only purchase games or download them from the respective game’s official platforms or websites.

Use Strong Passwords: Even though you spend half your time online now, this is a rule you should always follow. You should not use the same password for every account you have, whether you game, use social media, or communicate online.Make sure you use two-factor authentication when it is offered by games.

Mismanagement of passwords is one of the main problems gamers face. Having several accounts for publishers, platforms for distribution, and the games themselves isn’t unusual for the average gamer. Several distribution platforms and game publishers, including Rockstar and Epic Games, require an account to play. For instance, most multiplayer online games require a password to function independently.

Therefore, gamers are forced to remember and manage a large number of passwords, which compromises older games since they no longer receive updates. Various games unintentionally aid hackers; the simplest method is to display the username of a player. The above scenario may sound superficial, but data thieves can use the username together with ordinary or default passwords. Having the ability to view the players’ scores or standing, which disclose their usernames, is even more advantageous for intruders.

Educate Young Players: Make sure your children are aware of the risks of online games as well, particularly if they are as big a fan as you are. Alternatively, you can limit their gaming time to monitor them more closely. You can also create an email account for online gaming that only you can access.

Playing online doesn’t mean you have to worry about the risks. Nevertheless, don’t let your guard down. You will no longer need to worry about your security while playing online games if you take advantage of the tips above.

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