Best Casino Books for Your Next Holiday

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Best Casino Books for Your Next Holiday

Although readers’ numbers are declining, reading remains the favourite pastime for a large segment of non GamStop casino players. In fact, there are plenty of books out there about gambling, from biographies of lottery winners to life stories of shrewd casino players to strategy books that describe in tedious detail how you can rely on your wits to make your fortune on a slot machine. .

Some of these books are designed as plans to be tried on non GamStop casinos, while others are only intended for entertainment and many of them are made into movies or adopted in documentaries. As a casino player, you have to know everything in the world. Hence, you should also know the best books that have been released on gambling. On this page, we will tell you about the best books that have been released about gambling.

Gamblers Fight Back – Greg Elder

The title already tells you what the book is about:  A Professional Gambler’s Journey on How to Survive and Thrive in the Casino. Greg Elder read about a professional gambler who gave up everything to make a living and decided to follow in his footsteps. The book follows the year in which Elder grew from beginner to professional and started to support his family with gambling.

You don’t buy this book for the tips, but the story. Elder has written several other books with tips for different casino games. Gamblers Fight Back was released in 2013 and can be purchased from Amazon.

The Frugal Gambler – Jean Scott

The first book on this list was written by a woman. Before the book came out, Jean was known only to a handful of players, after that she was invited everywhere and she was seen more on television than the average star. She is called the Gambling Grandma and appears in her book with tips that can help us all. Her tips also help low-rollers on their way!

The first edition of the Frugal Gambler appeared in 1998 but updated versions appeared in 2005 and 2017. Her tips will help you on your way to maximizing profits with little money, and not just gambling!

Think of tips on how to stay for free in casino hotels, get the most out of promotions, get free food and drinks and fly to casinos for free. But also tips on how to win with video poker, its game of choice. The 2017 and 2005 editions of the book can be found on Amazon.

The Man with the $100,000 Breasts and Other Gambling Stories – Michael Konik

Michael Konik is a gambling expert and was inspired by this book by the story of Brian Zembic. He was challenged by a fellow gambler to take a boob job (fake breasts) because he admired them so much in women.

For this, the fellow gambler had $100,000 to spare, and Brian didn’t let himself be told twice. He endured the most infamous boob job ever and from then on went through life with a C-cup, but $100,000 richer.

Konik further introduces you to the most extraordinary gamblers in a subculture, from the man who made $10,000 17 million with just 2 dice, to the golf hustler and everything in between.

In addition, he also gives tips on which games to avoid and how to earn more in complimentary items than you lose at the table. You can find this intriguing book from 1999 on Amazon.

The most extraordinary things happen in Vegas, especially when high rollers are involved

Lay the Favorite – Beth Raymer

Lay the Favorite is a semi-fictional book about the sports betting world. Beth was a bookmaker herself for 4 years and therefore knows the ins and outs like no other. These are her memoirs, part truth, part dramatized. All the characters you would expect appear in this funny written book.

Beth managed to work her way up in a man’s world by being smart and honest, and not falling prey to the sins that her male colleagues were guilty of: money, sex, drugs and gambling.

It dates from 2010 and was made into a movie in 2012 starring Bruce Willis, among others. The film doesn’t get good reviews, so you can skip it. In 2012, a special movie edition of the book was released, which you can still get from Amazon.

The Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King – Michael Craig

Inside the Richest Poker Game of all Time. This book provides insight into the lives of the high rollers in the poker world. The top 10 (The Corporate) throw their money into one pot to play poker for millions.

Those who bet $20,000 in one game without batting an eyelid. Craig followed the richest poker players including Andrew Beal (the Banker), Howard Lederer (the Professor) and Ted Forrest (the Suicide King because he likes to play crazy or recklessly).

Over a few years, in the 2000s, these guys played the highest-stakes poker games ever. Some games were successful, some less so. One time they won millions, the other time they lose 16 million in 2 days.

Eventually, most players quit. Do not expect tips in this book, but a story that is unparalleled and that is true. You can buy the book from 2005 at Amazon.

Roll the Bones – David G. Schwartz

Last but not least. Schwartz is the director of the Center of Gaming Research at the University of Nevada and can therefore be called an expert. He describes the history of gambling in Roll the Bones. From the first modern casino in Venice to the rise of gambling in Europe, through illegal gambling in the US to the Vegas of today.

In his book, Schwartz also shares stories about the best-known gamblers from earlier times, such as the French writer Voltaire, who figured out how to win the lotto, or the Russian Dostoevsky who went bankrupt at the casino of Baden-Baden, Germany.

The book is therefore especially interesting for those who want to learn the background of gambling, and the history of the casinos as we know them today. Roll the Bones released in 2006 is available on Amazon.

Best Holiday Read: Bring a Gambling Book

Whether you want to get better at casino games, tips on how to become a professional gambler or how to get the most for free, you’ll find them all on this list.

But the stories of the insiders also provide hours of entertainment. So, the next time you fly to Vegas, bring one or a few books on the plane so you can take advantage of them once you land. Although some books have been around for some years, almost all of them are still readily available and some are even available as e-books.

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