Aviator vs Inspired Classic Video Games

Aviator vs Inspired Classic Video Games
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Aviator is an innovative type of “crash” gambling game that is slowly revolutionizing the iGaming and wider online casino industry. The flight-inspired game is exceptionally straightforward to play but delivers massive excitement at the same time. Developed by the pioneering software provider Spribe, it’s quickly becoming online gamblers’ favorite game to play.

Don’t underestimate its success, the online casino industry has been largely dominated by slots over the last decade or so. Now, it’s easy to find a fresh option to enjoy. Historically, casinos based their games on classic slots and table games. Nowadays, they’re revolutionising themselves and coming up with new, simple games to engage players. For example, you can play Aviator at Metaspins at the click of a button.[JJ1]  Despite its massive impact, many people won’t be as aware of what Aviator is. Keep reading for the lowdown and an exploration of the classic video games that inspired this groundbreaking Spribe title.

Aviator: A Trailblazing New Type of iGaming

The online gambling software market is projected to reach absolutely absurd valuations by the late 2020s. The industry is seemingly unable to stop growing, so it’s no wonder that companies like Spribe have been seeking to break the mold. Aviator does exactly that. This fresh iGaming solution is effortlessly simple, with players simply needing to cash out their bet before the plane on screen crashes.

The multiplier win amount increases the higher the plane goes in the air, so the trick is cashing out your bet at a precise time. Too soon, and you won’t win much. Too late, and you’ll lose everything! Aviator is hooked up to a global network, so every player bets on the same plane. This gives it a brilliant multiplayer angle and also reassures players of its complete transparency. It’s pretty much impossible to rig! Throw in an attractive 97% RTP, and you’ve got one incredibly attractive game on your hands.

How to Play Aviator: Quick Step-by-Step

Before we explore some of the essential influences behind Aviator, let’s see a quick step-by-step guide on how to play. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but new players will undoubtedly benefit from some extra instruction. This is how to play:

  1. Load up Aviator on a site like Metaspins
  2. Place your stake size
  3. Enter a round by pressing confirm
  4. Wait for the countdown
  5. Watch the increasing multiplier once the plane takes off
  6. Decide when to cash out

As mentioned, the trick behind playing Aviator is cashing out at the right time. You must balance risk and reward to choose the optimum moment to cash out. It’s a thrilling decision and unlike any other in the online casino industry.

What Classic Video Games Inspired Aviator?

There are several reasons why Aviator has become such a hit. Aside from the delightfully straightforward gameplay and the potential to win huge prizes, players also love the nostalgic element. Several classic video games have directly inspired Aviator’s theme, aesthetic, and general gameplay. Below are some of the most important.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, is one of the most beloved games of all time. While modern players prefer more high-octane video games, this flight simulation program will always hold a special place in people’s hearts, especially those that grew up in the 1980s.

Amazingly, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the oldest Microsoft software product still in production. It was launched three years before the Windows operating system, which just goes to show its immense history. The premise is simple: players can choose various types of planes and simulate flying them from A to B. There’s little else to it, making this game extraordinarily relaxing and far less sensationalist than most of the new breed video gaming titles.

Ace Combat

Aviator is often seen as a blend between the no-thrills Microsoft Flight Simulator approach and the slightly more arcade-style excitement of Ace Combat. This legendary Japanese video game series was designed by Namco and launched in 1995 on the PlayStation. Players pilot various aircraft and generally take part in air battles in the fictional Strangereal universe.

This is where the more combative element of Aviator comes in. While there are no battles, per se, in the popular iGaming title, they’re loosely implied whenever the plane comes crashing down. It also borrows popular tropes with its arcade-style aesthetic. As a result, players that grew up with Ace Combat often slot straight in when playing Spribe’s new title.

Will Spribe Grow On Their Success With Aviator?

Spribe has asserted its credentials as an iGaming developer to keep an eye on. We’re looking forward to seeing what the company rolls out in the coming years!

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Today marks one year since the full-scale and unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine.  
Our CEO is sending his message with the words of great appreciation and solidarity to Ukraine and its people, who are fighting for freedom and peace
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