Atari Launching a Crypto Casino that Will Work with Its Old Games

In a move that’s destined to bring the popular gaming company right into the thick of it in 2021, Atari has revealed that it will unveil an Ethereum blockchain online casino designed around Atari themed games.

Cryptocurrencies have never been as popular and highly sought after as they are right now and Atari have recognized this and are looking to bring their own take on a cryptocurrency casino in 2021. Casinos that accept crypto are nothing new these days and we’ve found plenty of sites where players can deposit and win crypto or turn in CSGO skins and play real money games, including the sites found at CSGOBook and should Atari succeed, it’ll certainly be one of the biggest gaming endeavours of the last few years.

In this venture, Atari is to partner with Decentral Games, and according to the firm’s blog, the Atari casino will have games tinged with nostalgia, plus some luck based titles, while some others will be a combination of both luck and skill. The latter is because it is still gambling. But according to the companies, an Atari special game will also feature, and this will have the players win based on skill only. Players can earn $DG, the token from Decentral Games when they play DAI, MANA and the novel special Atari token, known as (ATRI)

Information from CoinDesk says that the casino will be domiciled in Vegas city, a gaming city in Decentral Games’ Metaverse, Decentraland. This could also be described as a virtual world where people can interact with the help of an avatar. According to Bloomberg, both firms are saying that they intend to see $150 in bets million in 2021 alone, and about $400 million in the next two years.

A crypto casino is basically similar to other online casinos and betting agencies, but with the rule that winnings and bets are all paid in cryptocurrency, and not in regular fiat currencies. The theory is that some level of privacy will be instilled by gambling in crypto, and it will also ensure that games are not rigged in favor of the house. This is because the betting logic, is stored in blockchain. Additionally, there is this benefit of the winnings not being taxable, unless they are declared by the winner. However, some of the same problems that other cryptocurrencies encounter are also encountered by the crypto casinos. The first one is that they come with a bit of a high level of risk and are not properly regulated.

Explaining the reason why Atari is delving into the crypto world, it seems that it falls within the attempts by the CEO, Frederic Chesnais to bring it to relevance. Do not worry about the Atari VCS that has been delayed for a very long time, Chesnesis is generally fixated on cryptocurrency.

It was in 2018 that Atari launched its own cryptocurrency, and announced in September that it has gone into a partnership with ultra-games for game streaming that is blockchain based on the VCS. It also says that it started shipping in December 2020, and was getting overwhelming positive feedback then. According to Atari, it also intends to complete deliveries by March 31st 2021.

It seems that Chesnesis believes that the Atari brand can be revived by blockchain when you consider this investment in Ethereum casino. When you consider that, alongside the new Atari hotel that is being constructed in Las Vegas, you will see where they are headed. Though it has not always augured well with them in the past, this may well be the starting point to great things, if that rocks the boat for you.

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1️⃣6️⃣ #Ethereum coins but 2️⃣ are fake! 🤨 Can you spot them? 🤔

1️⃣6️⃣ #Ethereum coins but 2️⃣ are fake! 🤨

Can you spot them? 🤔