Aggressive Casino Craps Bets

Some gamblers are reluctant to buy into the craps game. I present nine aggressive strategies that maximize profit when playing crapping for real money.

The Iron Cross is a betting strategy that covers every possible number but seven. It's a safe approach, but it's effective because seven is the most common number rolled in dice.

The whirl consists of numbers two, three, seven, 11, and 12. The aggressive bet will pay 26:5 on 12 or two. The house edge on the whir bet is over 13%.

The craps bet pays out at a respectable 7 to 1. The house edge on these bets is over 11%. Aggressive players lay this bet in a series hoping for a win in their first several attempts to wipe out any losses.

Aggressive Casino Craps Bets include betting on the hard 6. The house edge on a hard six is only 9%. It's one of the safer aggressive strategies on craps table.

The straight-up two or "snake eyes" bet pays out at 30 to 1. I've seen a player win what would amount to a year's salary for many laying this bet.

3-Point Molly is one of the most aggressive betting strategies for craps. It involves placing several bets with maximum odds and a relatively low house edge. Veteran crappers love this strategy.

The casino added a commission to all "lay down" bets. This commission tilts the advantage back to the house. The casino has a 2.4% house edge. The commission is similar to that of a banker's bet in baccarat.

Put bets are great because you place them after the shooter has established a point. This strategy is great as it gives players the advantage of picking their point and reduces the house edge.

An even 12 is one of the nine aggressive craps strategies that maximize profits. Boxcars is also one the highest paying bets in crapping at 30 to 1.

The house edge betting on an even 12 is 14%, but the bet pays 30%. It's best to make a fast get in/get out approach to this style of bet.

Aggressive craps players often overstay their welcome and chase losses. They should focus on making quick strikes in short sessions. They will raise their bet size accordingly when they fall behind. It is one of the most destructive casino gambling behaviors a gambler can make.

The biggest benefit of betting aggressively in craps is the sheer thrill of it. Aggressive strategies come with a significant risk level, but offer massive rewards for the effort.

These nine aggressive craps strategies maximize profit. They are sure to make for some amazing stories for your friends.

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"Boxcars" is a roll of 12...

"Boxcars" is a roll of 12...