The Dutch government aims to fight the problem of gambling

Author: Live Casino Direct

The Dutch government is trying to fight the problem of gambling. The gambling market has become increasingly liberalised and legalised in recent decades. Remote gambling is growing in popularity. New rules require all operators to provide specific data for research purposes.

The Dutch government is tasking three institutions to achieve the VPF's objectives. National Health Institute, ZonMw and Human Assistance Network are tasked with providing gambling addiction treatment, create national support services for problematic gamblers and support treatment and prevention research.

The Dutch government aims to fight the problem of gambling. The National healthcare institute designed anonymous remote treatment services.

ZonMw is a government agency that funds health research. It's tasked with coordinating gambling problem research, which is called Zon.

3. HANDS provides national support. It came into contact on 1 October 2021. After six months of the "remote gaming act," it marks the first day operators can offer their services legally.

The Dutch government wants to licence an online gambling service. The Justice Minister wrote to the Dutch Parliament. The Netherlands already offers licences for sports betting, bingo, and more. They expect to generate at least 10 million euros for an auction of online betting services. Organisational practices have been adopted for risk management.