Stop watching TV and try a little more interaction with TV slots online

Choose from a wide collection of game show slots from WagerWorks to Microgaming and all the programs in between. Where watching people win money and prizes isn't half as exciting as being part of the show.
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Television-themed slots: Online casinos put TV programs in the games

television themed slot games

Just as television dominates popular culture, so too is its presence mightily felt in the online casino. Big-name game software producers have created slots based on game shows, cult programs, franchise names, soap operas and game shows. Check out action and adventure with superheroes and Transformers; reality TV with X-factor and its ilk; games shows from Who Wants to be a Millionaire on down; mingling with the oil-grubbing rich in Dallas; and just the flat-out weirdness of Japan-based Banzai. All in all, these games are a must-play for online casino players doubling as TV aficionados.

Nostalgic for your old television set with the dials and antenna? Getting bored with the simplicity of your flat screen? Well then, tune in for television-themed slot games in the likeness of many past, popular TV game shows and soap operas.

Play in progressive jackpot TV slots and revisit old celebrity game show hosts with a variety of Wheel of Fortune slots by various software companies. Try the WagerWork 50,000 Pyramid slot, for example. Just because some of your favorite television shows have gone off the air, doesn’t mean online slots can’t bring them back.  

Applaud for TV slot machines many of which have successfully recreated the thrill of the game show on another dimension entirely. Play TV, game show slots online now in instant play for fun or for real.
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