A dozen casinos for gambling in Missouri

Since the early 1990s, the state of Missouri has proudly hosted riverboat and traditional gambling in casinos. The state’s economy today benefits on a massive scale from these gaming outlets and about 24 million visitors per year try their luck at Missouri casinos.
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Missouri casinos – Locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and more

In November 1992, voters in Missouri approved a state-wide referendum to allow riverboat gambling in the state and there’s been no looking back since. By 2008, Missouri casinos hosted nearly 24 million visitors for just under $1.7 billion in revenue. In terms of economy, over 11,600 are employed in 12 Missouri casinos, more than $3.5 billion has been invested by casino owners since 1998, and the dozen casinos return about $440 million in taxes per year.

To look for the action, head to the rivers first, but be aware that Missouri has good land-based gambling, too. Four casinos – including Harrah’s and the historical Lumiere Place – are based in St. Louis, while three may be found in the Kansas City/North Kansas City Area.

Missouri casinos

Good quote on poker from Missouri native son Mark Twain: “There are few things that are so unpardonably neglected in our country as poker. … Why, I have known clergymen, good men, kind-hearted, liberal, sincere, and all that, who did not know the meaning of a ‘flush.’ It is enough to make one ashamed of one’s species.”
Gambling on land and in the riverboat in Missouri casinos