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LiveCasinoDirect presents within these webpages a cross-section of planet Earth’s 3,000 or so casinos with the traveling gambler in mind. Find out the best spots in the world for proper gambling action right here with the descriptions, locations and contact information provided herein.
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Land-based casinos – Profiles from among the 3,000 gaming houses worldwide

In an effort to cover the entire sphere of casino-related gaming, LiveCasinoDirect hereby presents its list of the best land-based casinos in North America, Europe, Asia and more. The selected entries in our land-based casino catalogue have been culled from the 500-plus casinos located in the United States and the approximately 2,500 located at other points on the globe. We have provided descriptions of each casino’s offerings along with contact information to assist in planning visits.

Globally speaking, the greater trend in the gambling world is the recent supplanting of Las Vegas as the unofficial world gambling capital to Macau. While most gamers from “the West” surely prefer good ol’ Sin City, the more adventurous European gamblers are giving the luxury resort-laden area of China a look. And of course, Macau remains *the* center of Asian gambling while some of the Continent’s major economies (e.g. Japan, Thailand, Singapore) allow no casino gaming at all.

Back in the United States – still by far the world leader in terms of number of web-based casinos as well as land-based offered – Las Vegas naturally remains tops, but a combination of legalization of casinos on reservation land in 1998, liberalization of riverboat gambling in many states, and the current craze for poker has made many other states viable and interesting places to visit casinos: California, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mississippi, Washington, Michigan, Louisiana and Colorado all boast dozen of gambling houses each and some 28 other states have at least one casino doing business within the borders.

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Where in the world to go gambling? LiveCasinoDirect hopes to help adventurous gamblers answer this question with our database representing a comprehensive cross-section of land-based casinos in North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.
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