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Magic Monkey

Five-reel 25-payline Magic Monkey has a few nice symbols (excellent magic banana, dude) and the synth-like riff on a big win was enough to remind the Os Man a bit of Devo in their heyday, but this stuff is hardly special enough to make this game unique. WTF, in the parlance of our times, one more time: What’s up with the seeming necessity to have the A-K-Q-J-10-9 run? This game and its theme are irrelevant to poker or freaking cards at all. If you’re going to have this run thing instead of related characters, fruits or – gods forbid – something clever, at least pay the Os Man if a full house comes up on line 7! Meanwhile ... uninspired animation? Check. Same old thumping, clicking sound effects as on any Vegas Technology game? Check. Boring stuff that won’t keep you ... playing ... (   ) ... zzzzzzzz.

A another seriously generic – and thus disappointing online slot experience – 5-reel 25-payline Magic Monkey demonstrates that a few nice symbols and f/x do not a unique slot make.

Magic Monkey - Video slots
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