Go For Gold soccer slot machine

LCD could get used to this game, particularly as there’s a jackpot of up to $24,000 (approximately €16,264 / £12,900) winnable during a Go For Gold bonus round out there.
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Go For Gold

Some indulgence in personal reminiscence here, if you’ll allow. I remember back to my junior year of university, a summer semester spent at the University of Essex. England, a whole other country, it was. Whoa. And decadent, too. Such memories of general merriment and consumption. Those were days of World Cup 1990 and England’s fourth-place finish in said football contest; of Roger Waters playing The Wall live in Berlin; of low-potency speed as party drug; and of the pound stronger against the dollar than it is even today. I got married that summer to a woman i barely knew, but that’s a whole other story. But no matter how you detail it in time, England is always about pub culture. Drinking heavy, fresh beer and chasing it with pub grub; at the university pub – A university pub! What a concept for a college-boy American? – it was pasties. There in every pub, of course, was a slot machine. Usually taking pound coins. Oh, as they say, boy!

Go For Gold takes me back to those days, as it will for anyone into the whole bloody pub thang, a 3-reeler loosely based on the Olympics – no matter, it’s only the WILDs that are changing to Olympic theme. I remember tossing any number of coins into the non-virtual versions of these, addictively watching the pleasantly quick reels go plunk-plunk-plunk into place, most of the time nothing happening. Then LCD spun a pair of WILDs and a triple bar, bagging $320 on a $1 bet and in Pavlovian response offered three-year-old Zsuzsanna a pint; the happy memories washed over me again and again. A tinge of sadness, too, ‘cause if i’d hit that in the UK back in ’92, it’ve been worth $640 at the outrageous right-about 2:1 rate that summer.  

Go For Gold - Video slots
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While LCD takes a few token minus points for no NUDGE button, software developer Vegas Technology was this close to the real thing.
Thanks for the flashbacks. LCD rating: 8.5/10 (or $17/20, based on 1992 exchange rates).