This touchdown is worth five million smackers

This one certainly kept the Os Man playing. Oh yeah, that $5,000,000. Not actually referring to an overpaid NFL bonus baby, five million smackers may be had by the lucky player who hits five SCATTERs.
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Football players aren't the only ones making millions

How does $5,000,000 Touchdown stack up? Not quite as good as a pile of New York Giants atop a hapless Oakland Raider QB, say, but still admirably well.

Game play is pretty smooth as well, and the bonus round is an interesting pick ‘em game which involves a quarterback drill; pick your target receiver from ten on the bottom row. If you don’t fumble (shouldn’t that more appropriately be an interception?), you ascend to a row of nine targets, etc. Like that elusive Super Bowl win, it’s out there somewhere in the guise of yet another sports slot.

$5,000,000 Touchdown - Video slots
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While the graphics are a bit somber at first – few football fans associate dark purples and blues with the sport, but hey – take a look at the fantastic detail on the player symbols and this game is a football aficionado’s easy choice.
Playing football was never this much fun!