Love animals for the cash rewards they hold best in Jour de l’Amour

We don’t know if you really like cats so much, though it’s hard to imagine that these feline critters love the scene so much in Paris. There’s much to be said about spins around the block, yet here you can see a sizable amount grow from the fun spins you can make in this romantic playground.
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Jour de l’Amour video slot casino game – One for the cat lovers out there

What can possibly be stinkier than Paris than some rather smelly cats that have the scent of love in the air tonight? It’s true that Paris may have some plumbing problems, but for these feline fatales, there is more at stake than just losing some love here. Jour de l’Amour is all about loving the money!

Love your pets but don’t LOVE you pets. Things can get a bit flea-bitten with these sly cats making the moves in the City of Lights – for the Jour de l’Amour online slot is about to get steamier with the playful spins now.

With a full 25 paylines, you can set the mood for certain love across the reels and snare those sneaky kitties where they like to make sweet matches in the French moonlight. Sure there are some extras too; the reels are litter-boxed with scatters and wilds. Even some multipliers too. The Wild for example are the moonlight cat icon and it makes subs for everything except the scatters and bonus symbols.

The scatter is the cute cupid with free spins in store for those who get more than 3 over the reels. If you happen to strike any of the 3 bonus kitties you can play any combination of 3 bonus rounds that will each have a catnip extra for your cashable awards. Play for just a few pennies or go the extra mile with the max amount of 20 cents per payline. Be the cat’s meow when you get the big money rolling in.

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For the purr-fect night, it’s time to play the love game in a whole different way. Bet the cat’s meow you’ll see some fur flying when the hair-raising wins start to come out and play.
What’s the matter? Cats got your tongue or did you get a hairball?