Win a jackpot of 2500 coins in Horseshoe virtual one-armed bandit

Simple spinning reels with more than a few ways to make excellent smaller wins add to the simplistic fun of Horseshoe from B3W. Even the top win of 2500 coins is worth 25 cents a spin. Even more enjoyable is the serene setting of this virtual casino somewhere in the magic hour. Make Horseshoe your lucky moment.
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Horseshoe classic slot: Online casino game with 2500-coin jackpot

Talk about flashy ocean-side virtual casino action. Horseshoe from B3W has it all. Iron pretzels, Miami Vice palm trees, and especially random zombies in the casino! Whatever, the prize win here is 2500 coins over your wagered amount. With 25 cent spins, it's a sure-fire winner!

It known that B3W has great slots. This classic 3-reel called: Horseshoe is a great virtual version with loads of colors all over this virtual panorama. This game is also filled with images a virtual casino that certainly looks inviting enough, except for the creepy zombie looking character in the background. In any event, the game starts with wagers beginning at 25 cents up to 1 dollar per coin. You can play up to 2 coins only which still makes this slot a lo-roller type slot game.
There is only one wild symbol which consists of a horseshoe. Not only does it make substitute wins it doubles each time this horseshoe is landed on the 1 payline shown. There are bars, double bars, triple bars, lucky 7's, and cherries found here as well which get fine wins which can add-up through gradual smaller wins collected. Horseshoe is a very simple game with not much you have to set in order to play. Try it today!

Not everyone will like Horseshoe for the same reason as everyone who likes hot dogs with mustard. It's just fun and games for those who like to keep it simple.
Spin your way into some lucky Horseshoe wins.