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Play Keno and place Keno Bets from straight ticket bets to combination ticket bets to king ticket bets. Find the information you want to know about how to play the game with helpful Keno tips and advice and the games to go with after you sharpen up.
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Online video Keno games with various betting systems and styles

Internet video Keno is lottery-style casino game and with a comprehensive casino directory specializing in every kind of casino game, Keno is also a part of the repertoire. The game originated in China and is now played worldwide. It is played with numbers from 1 to 80. Players can play with either one or multiple cards. Keno is similar to Bingo in that after deciding on the number of cards to buy and the numbers to play on it’s all just a matter of waiting on the numbers to come up in the number draw.

Any matching number is called ‘a hit’. A maximum of 20 numbers can be played at one time. The player who has at least 5 or more numbers matched to the drawn numbers is the winner. Rules can vary from game to game.
Skim through different Keno video games available for quick play in flash version at our site before deciding which game best suits your liking and then play for real.
Keno strategy, well there isn't much to it, just decide on the number of Keno cards you want and the numbers to bet on and leave the rest to chance.