Higher or lower? Black or red? The challenge of Hi-Lo games

It's perhaps the simplest game to play with a deck of cards and now you can enjoy them at your favorite online casinos! In Hi-Lo games, simply guess as to what the next card might be ... are you psychic? That'll help.
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Casino Hi-Lo games with interesting themes for casino players

If you’re looking to test your psychic powers and perhaps make a little money at the online casino then a Hi-Lo game is perfect for you: This most basic of all possible card games is now available at nearly every internet gaming outlet. The way most online casinos’ Hi-Lo games work is simplicity itself. Wager up and a virtual card is “drawn” from a standard playing deck of 52. Guess whether the next card is higher or lower – and perhaps even more payouts are possible when correctly prognosticating the color or suit of the given draw as well.

Surprisingly addictive and lots of fun, Hi-Lo games are a decent way to take a brief break from the more traditional fare at online casinos everywhere. Try any of the online games listed below and see if you can tell the future while playing.

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Check out Genie's Hi-Lo at Playtech-powered online casinos for a quality game in the subgenre -- this one even includes a progressive bonus for a nice run of luck.
Hi-Lo games available at your favorite online casino