The WIld symbol can represent an symbol which provides for better odds

This is no ordinary substitute here. The Wild symbol is your ticket to bigger sized wins when you can have them make the selected matches over the reels. Feel the power of this little symbol and see your rewards grow! It’s time to get wild on your lucky spinning rounds.
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Get a fresh approach to your slot gaming with some wilds and added features

Nearly every slot game has wilds. These are the specially marked icons that will be part of the other game symbols. The wild has a purpose in the game that will allow a substitute combination to become a win when they land on the reels in a payline pattern. Depending on your waged amount these wilds can become excellent wins since some of them add extras in their function. Some of them do different things such as expand or become sticky wilds or even become stacked. The basic wild simply needs to match three symbols to win a prize over the reels. Many wilds will give some extra boost to your win with a multiplier added in that game; otherwise it normally just gives a set amount over your wager.

Wilds are great because they show up when you least expect it. They can fill an entire reel and make the wins happen sooner or with the help of the paylines you can also get more chances to catch them over the paylines as well. What a wild usually will do is act as the substitute for the base game symbols. Any symbol that has two similar icons between them can turn into the winning match just because the wild will stand in for the bridge between them.

In some games they are called a substitute symbol and others they can be bonus icon. Either way this still allows the multipliers or even free spins to be awarded when it does make a combination complete. Some slots will have these wilds paying different amounts for type of game you’ll decide to play. Some pay higher while some just offer free spins. Checking the paytable before you play will tell you if that game is worth the effort. Wilds add to any slot game an extra lift to the wins you may win. Come and find your favorites here.
No two wilds are ever the same; some games can include several wilds within the base game to give you even more playing power. It’s hard to hold back these wild ones!
Slot machines with wild symbols. Get better chances to win even more with the wild symbols in your slot game