Sticky wilds can stick to you much faster in video slots and improve your odds

You may just get some reel action when the sticky wilds are about the get stuck in your spins. These can expand an entire reel to make the plays into some very serious cash flow. They unstick after a few spins so be sure to keep your paylines loaded for the extra rewards to get stuck in this tricky bonus.
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Get in the mood to stick around with this ultra-cool extra wild bonus feature

If you like expanding and stacked wilds, you’ll also love this new feature called Sticky Wild. This one in particular is sometimes called a sticky wild or even a sticky expanding wild. They are pretty much the same but what they do for your slot game is very special. Very similar to a stacked or expanding wild, this version actually sticks, literally!

Just as you enjoy your regular spins, there will be a time when the stick hits. This is when the wild shows-up on certain marked reels. Usually the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels will activate the stick of this amazing wild function.

It can also be in the bonus spin rounds too, depending on which game you play there can be several kinds of featured sticky wilds that can play in a different mode. These special wilds are similar to the expanding wild since they show up as one icon but become expanded across the reel for a number of spins until it goes back to the original wild.

Because it sticks that reel doesn’t move though the others around it will making it possible for even more wins to match this wild over the reels. You never know when it might hit a big win so the game carries a lot of chances to make a real decent amount at the end of the game. Adding again to your payline the sticky wilds are sure to make the playing wager an extra bump when these start to stick on your lines. Get all sticky with more wilds like this and be sure to stick with this exciting fantastic feature.
Who says you can’t have it all? This wild is going to get stickier every time you play with sticky wild slots. Some of them even show up in the free spin rounds too!
Get ready for real fun when the sticky wild icon makes a house call...