Bigger chances to win with stacked wilds along for the ride for more money

Feel like you’re in the mood to play with some better odds stacked at you back? Here’s where the stacked wilds are going to make the average slot into a mega-winner slot experience! You can even imagine there are more chances to get more than one stacked wild on more than just one line!
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Watch the reels get stacked with these wilds; they’ll be worth double on every hit

With everything you’ve seen before in the normal mode of slot games that include the bonuses, multipliers, and wild symbols there is a new kind of wild symbol that makes playing even more exciting and new. This is where Stacked Wilds are making a real impact in the otherwise average game you play. A stacked wild is more than just a normal symbol; it’s actually a group of symbols that are all connected to each other. When a stacked wild shows up on the reels it will cover the reels in a certain combination that makes the entire reel totally wild.

Not only does it increase the winning potential, there is the ability to make some real serious cash from having the stacked wilds show up. Combine this with the amount that is placed on the paylines you also get the added feature that it will pay a multiplied amount in addition to that win.

These usually pay double the value of the amount when this winning combination is completed. They can show up anywhere and essentially there is a chance they could even fill the entire screen of reels! This could be an all-out winning jackpot to be paid should that happen. Odds are that you would be incredibly lucky to land that combination on top of getting some very serious pay in addition to that!

Many people who like having stacked wilds in their game will make sure their paylines are covered plenty since there is the chance they could get several showing up over the reels. Having more chances to win even more in combination to the stacked wild wins is very satisfying for serious players!
Choose your poison; whichever bet you place can turn out to be stacked right up the top paying amount when these wilds are activated. Let your game be even better with this awesome bonus in the reels.
How many stacked wilds can pile up on these playing lines?