Stop the reels if you like, but please don’t claim skill is involved as its not

Hey, here’s a great way to increase your odds of winning at online slots: Use the skill stop! By timing the spinning reels correctly, the skill stop allows the player to actually judge where winning combinations will land. Not!
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The skill stop: Common feature in online slots games but be aware of misdirection

Certainly the biggest misnomer in slot gaming is that of the “skill stop.” Though the term “payline” is questioned innumerable times daily by the unlucky, at least the paylines actually pay *some*times. About the only accurate bit in “skill stop” feature is the “stop” bit: No skill is involved and deploying the option is absolutely no guarantee of changing the player’s odds.

Essentially, the skill stop allows the player to stop the reels while they are spinning. In online slots, “reels” itself may also be put in quotes because of course everything is virtual in internet casino gaming. Knowing enough software-programmer types, this player can assert that those spinning reels you see when playing slots online are purely display. Even if the skill stop makes a difference in actual physical one-armed bandits, online slots have no reels! Ergo, no difference.

So why do casino software designers continue to include the feature? Chalk up to short attention spans of the 21st century: The skill stop can indeed make play go even faster.
It’s almost as though certain casino software designers are trying to pull one over on the online player with the skill stop feature included in some slots. Once again, the “skill stop” involves no skill whatsoever.
Make the online slot fly by faster with the skill stop