Shifting reels add chances to win on a single spin of the slot without another bet

A recent innovation rising in online slot games along with complex video bonus rounds and 3D animation is that of the “shifting reels” phenomenon. Slots with shifting reels essentially offer a free spin of one reel with all four others held after a win.
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Shifting reels – A free spin bonus in online slot games with no download needed

Perhaps the simplest way to describe a slot game with shifting reels is to say that it’s kind of like those cascade/chain reaction/Bejeweled-style games, but on the horizontal plane. Actually, that’s not quite so simple … maybe it might be better to say shifting reels are like high-powered, multi-column holds. Not too simple at all, that…

Right. Here’s the way a shifting-reels slot game works. After a win, either column 1 or column 5 will be erased from the screen, with all remaining reels held. The voided space is replaced by a spinning reel, with more wins possible – and we guess that’s the main point. In short, shifting reels allow for more wins on a single spin. Do you need to know more?

While this feature sounds pretty damn cool indeed, it has yet to appear in very many online slots titles. We run a few examples below; if you hear of more, please let LiveCasinoDirect know.
A mutation of more traditional slot-game features like nudges and holds intermixed with the animation sensibilities of 21st-century gaming, shifting reels is a rare feature that basically holds four reels after a win and spins the fifth reel for (hopefully) bonus payouts for free.
Play a Bejeweled-like online slot, just sideways!