Look for nudges and holds in quality classic slots games online or video slots

Kudos to those online casino software designers/producers who see fit to include the “nudge” and “hold” features in recent release of three-reel slot games. These features instantly make classic slots more dynamic – not to mention more reminiscent of good ol’ 1990s pub slot gaming...
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Nudges, holds – Bonus features in old-fashioned classic-style slots no download

While old-fashioned, classic-style fruit machine slots are well prevalent in the online casino universe, the great majority of these games suffer from a lack of many features so well loved by anyone who’s ever pulled up a seat in a pub to a three-reel one-armed bandit. Luckily, a few software producers have seen fit to grace newer classic games with old-school nudges and holds.

For those not in the know, both nudge and hold features are typically randomly rewarded after a spin. If a “nudge” indicator is on, the player is allowed to move one reel down in order to form a winning combination on the central payline. This doesn’t exactly guarantee a win, but certainly increases the chances on a single spin. Some games even allow multiple nudges after a spin.

The “hold” is an option – again, usually randomly awarded – which allows the player to keep one reel in place while the others spin. Typically the spin with a hold involved is a free spin, but not always. For those more enamored with five-reel video slots, the hold is roughly equivalent to landing a “sticky wild” in those games.
The hold and the nudge, those two so-key features of slot gaming, are making something of a comeback in the modern day. See above for some games which include these ever-handy options.
Nudge! Hold! And spin those reels on the classic slot again...