Picky, clicky ... it’s so easy to rack up the jackpot payout in some slots

What beats hitting a nice win in an online slots game? That same nice win with a bonus multiplier attached. Slots with multiplier symbols can beef up the payouts on a regular basis ... if you can find an ever-rarer game which contains the feature, that is. Check out a few games which do below.
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Multiplier symbols – Special icons to increase wins in online slots for real money

One sadly endangered feature in online slots in that of the multiplier symbol. Occasionally, the knowledgeable slot player will find some game of this ilk, but this symbol appears less and less often.

Some observant players may note that in the majority of modern 5-reel slot games online, the wild and/or scatter can serve as a multiplier symbol, typically increasing wins in paylines wherein they help in creating winning combinations. But it’s the *pure* multiplier symbol – you know, the ones with a number followed by an X on them – that we miss.

Happily, the pure multiplier symbol hasn’t disappeared completely, though. Below is a listing culled from the LiveCasinoDirect catalogue of online slots games which include the feature. Juice up those wins a bit with a multiplier symbol.
While it’s true that many 5-reel online slots games feature a bonus multiplier in winning combinations assisted by wilds and/or scatter symbols, better still is the virtual one-armed bandit that includes a special multiplier symbol. See above for a few examples.
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