Extra symbols: The online casino version of “giving 100%” for better wins

Even superior to an online slot game offering free spins is one also offering extra symbols in said bonus rounds. Some slots may gift the player with one to three extra wild symbols in order to beef up the already-gratis winnings.
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Extra symbols in online slots – More bonus symbols in free spins rounds

Because too many symbols – especially paying ones – are never enough, some online slot game designers include extra symbols features.

Most often, games that include such symbols will provide them during a free spins bonus round. Typically between one and three symbols are added to that slot’s set of icons, with all of them wild. Other games nicely offer the player a chance to turn a symbol of his/her choosing into that extra wild symbol, and sometimes this extra symbol is simply randomly chosen.

Little more can make the prospect of free spins more attractive to the slot player in the know, but extra symbols in the bonus round sure can! Check out the games below for the opportunity to play with more than a full deck in online slots.
Yo, set it off with some extra symbols the next time you play slots. See the samples from our extensive free games catalogue above for games which include more possible winners, especially in the bonus rounds.
Extra symbols are good symbols in the online slot world...