Play slots with expanding wilds, there can be some super wins with no download

If you like slot games with maximum winning potential then perhaps trying a game with expanding wilds will enhance the charm of bigger payouts for fantastic fortunes ahead. You’ll love how these special wilds can make the spins feel more special. They’re bound to show up anytime and when they do, look out!
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Expand your gaming experience with these nifty wilds that can fill your winnings

Most slot games have the typical kinds of wild that give a bonus when 3 of the same wild symbols appear over the reels. When you have an expanding wild this is quite different than the normal you may have seen before. Selected slot games that include the expanding wilds are some of the most popular ones played since this feature obviously makes the game even wilder than the normal playing mode.

An expanding wild not only has the potential to provide huge rewards that are very similar to a jackpot amount but it makes the game exciting and lively. When an expanding wild shows up what happens is that it has the ability to expand, literally! The entire reel or row. Expanding upward or downward over one reel, either way it becomes the big win at that point.

The expanding wild usually is followed by a short animation over the reels mixed with winning sound effects and music. It’s very much a big production for such a featured win. Payout for expanding wilds is based on the number of paylines engaged and the amount that was wagered. Since these wilds expand in the way that they do, the pay can be a massive sum indeed!

These are limited to specific reels most of the time and can show up on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reels only in most cases. Having an expanding wild in your playing deck can really be lucky since you don’t need to get two other wilds to get a win, the expanding function will cover that already.

The odds of getting expanding wilds are not long either. Since the random number generator (RNG) makes all the new combinations possible, there is no way to tell when they can show up. Some players get lucky and spin several expanding wilds in a row whilst some may just get a couple per game run.
Like your games wild? Expanding wilds will blow the reels apart when one rolls in. Make your bigger wins with this special addition to spice up those great winning hits.
Make your wild plays expand into an all-out win-win situation