When you see it, click and win! (But you don’t need us to tell you that)

In the ongoing quest to provide some sort of innovation to the online slot, software producer/designers constantly seek something that will attract the long-term player while keeping the game recognizable along the lines of the classic format. One simple solution in this area is that of the “click and win” feature...
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Click and win – An “instant win” sort of feature in online slots games

Of all the instructions and commands in online slot gaming, none are more welcome than “click and win.” While sometimes this expression is seen within a “pick ‘em” or “click and pick” video bonus round, newer online slots have found more interesting ways to incorporate the feature.

Some smaller, beyond-the-mainstream casino software producers now include a special “click and win” symbol or just mutate the conditions of the scatter a wee bit. In the latter case, scatters still work in the traditional fashion, i.e. land three or more anywhere in a five-reel game on a single spin and some sort of bonus round is rewarded, but instead of entering a bonus wave, the player is allowed to click on one or more of the symbols – and win the prize displayed.

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How cool is the “click and win” feature in today’s online slot games? Pretty damn cool. See above for some cutting-edge slots online that incorporate this bonus perk.
Clicking and winning, clicking and winning – slots are fun!